New boutique offers natural products for health, wellness


11 minx 2Minxdiva’s Essentials, a health and wellness boutique, is Cool Spring Downtown Districts’ latest addition in Fayetteville.

The wellness store located on the second floor of 308-B Hay Street specializes in natural products like sea moss gel, raw organic sea moss, natural soaps and candles.

“I am a Fayetteville native, and it’s always been a dream of mine to be on Hay Street,” owner Ebony McAllister said. “It really just fell in my lap, I wasn’t looking for it so when the opportunity presented itself, I took it.”

One of Minxdiva’s most popular products is sea moss gel. “Sea moss is a hot commodity now,” McAllister said. “It is a superfood that contains about 92 out of the 100 minerals our body needs. It’s a natural multivitamin.”

Sea moss, a type of edible algae or seaweed can be primarily found between North America and Europe.

“You can make it yourself; people can add it to their smoothies, use on hair and face for skin issues,” McAllister said. “I know it works because everyone who comes and gets it, comes back for more.”

Her discovery of sea moss was made on her journey of finding natural products for herself.

McAllister calls her brand “The Borderline Vegan” because she’s not fully vegan and still eats certain foods. She is extremely conscious of her body and says her path as an educator teaching nutrition in schools led to her research of the food industry.

Minxdiva’s Essentials also offers meal planning guides for those looking for natural substitutes to processed foods.

“I am more anti-chemicals than I am anti-meat,” McAllister said.

Emphasizing the power of information, she said true change starts from within and so she opened a store to share products that are true to her with the community.

“Your body doesn’t recognize chemicals, whether it’s food, lotions, soaps,” she said. “I believe man can’t make anything that can replace nature.”

For more information about the Minxdiva’s Essentials, visit


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