Nutrition drives mothers’ preference for Capri-Sun


By Ibrahim Apekhade Yusuf

The quest for healthy beverages for the overall health of kids remains the drive towards the consumption of fruity juice drink, Capri-Sun, findings have revealed.

Against the background of a plethora of unwholesome kiddies’ fruit drinks that have saturated the market, mothers have become more observant about the nutritional value of beverages to ensure that only healthy fruit drinks with a ‘Clean Recipe’ like Capri-Sun make it to the snack boxes and meal tables for their children.

Mrs. Josephine Edet, a mother of three children, says she takes special interest in what her children consume, because of many unwholesome fruit drinks in the market that cannot pass the tests of quality and safety.

“As a mom, growing up, I enjoyed Capri-Sun. Because of its consistent taste and quality over the years, it is a brand I trust. Putting

Capri-Sun in my children’s lunchboxes is a priority because it is a convenient and healthy fruit drink that hydrates with a natural taste that appeals to them,” she stated.

Mrs. Gladys Ikechukwu, a civil servant and mother of two, noted that Capri-Sun appeals to mothers with its all-natural ingredient formulation.

“Mothers want their children to be healthy, but the labels on many fruit drinks are confusing and misleading, causing parents to think

they are providing their children a healthy drink when in actuality, they are not. Capri- Sun offers a healthy alternative with its all-natural ingredients,” she added.


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