Unibar debuts Univita line of ingredients


Ingredient firm Unibar Corporation recently announced the launch of Univita, a plant-based line of ingredients.

“We have chosen three ingredients with an array of potent benefits and rich Ayurvedic history to start our Univita line,” ​said Sevanti Mehta, president of Unibar. “Consumers continue to become more aware of their health and of the variety of natural options that are increasingly more available to them. Our enhanced guava leaves, holy basil, and Amla-Indian gooseberry cover a large spectrum of health needs and are a great addition to current and new supplement formulas from immune health to blood sugar support and even cognitive health.” 

Mehta, detailed to NutraIngredients-USA how the new ingredients deliver benefits across a variety of health categories. 

“Our first three Univita ingredients all provide powerful support for immune health, especially with improved zinc and magnesium content, but that is not their only forte. Guava leaves are also a great source of support for digestive health and blood sugar management. Holy basil, and its increased magnesium content, provide cognitive support, including stress and mood related challenges. Amla-Indian gooseberry has been recognized for its ability to influence cholesterol levels for improved cardiovascular function among other benefits for cognitive and skin health. Each of our Univita ingredients hold a treasure trove of potential toward a wide range of health improving benefits. In the future we plan to add additional ingredients that will help support metabolic health and cardiovascular health and will deliver several benefits for sports nutrition,”​ he explained.


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