How To Make A Breakfast Sandwich Table Spread: Recipe + Tips


For an assembly line setting: Place serving plates and utensils for the guests to use on the far left of the table. Place the bagels, croissants, and ciabatta on the first tray (the one that is farthest to the left). Place the tomato slices on a rimmed dish (to keep the juices from spreading) and add to a second tray along with the arugula, baked eggs, bell peppers, and cheeses. Place the tongs near the cheese along with any spoons or forks that will be needed to easily pick up the vegetables. 

Place the pesto, mustard, and jam in three small bowls. Place the pesto bowl, mustard bowl, jam bowl, basil, pickled vegetables, olives, salt well, and pepper grinder on the last tray, along with serving spoons for each one, and put it to the far right of the table. As soon as it’s all ready and set up, call your guests to the assembly line. Make sure they come and enjoy it while it’s hot!

Alternatively, if you are planning to host a sit-down brunch, set the table for twelve with plates and utensils. Transfer all of the food into individual bowls and/or serving dishes and place them out on the table. Make sure to have enough serving spoons and forks on the table as well for dishing the food out. Serve as soon as it’s ready and set up.


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