These Easy Everything Homemade Crackers Swap Carbs For Protein


If you’re asking me, the perfect cheese board always needs something nice and crunchy—and vegetables don’t always fit the bill. But whether you’re cutting back on carbohydrates to accommodate a keto-style diet or just want to incorporate extra protein into your snacks, these crackers would make a great addition to your board.

Instead of using a simple grain flour, these crackers pair almond flour with whey protein powder so each bite packs a protein punch. Oh, and they’re certainly not short on flavor: these tasty crackers are seasoned with ultra-trendy everything bagel seasoning. The recipe also uses egg whites and butter—and thought it doesn’t specify, we recommend opting for grass-fed butter and high-quality, cage-free eggs.

These crunchy bites are a totally snack-able option on their own. But might I recommend pairing them with some fruit, goat cheese, and nice brine-y olives for a perfectly satisfying cheeseboard.


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