Vegan Boxer Fights For Women’s Rights Tonight, Friday, in Flint


Everyone loves a winner. Claressa Shields, 25, has a ring that uses the monogram GWOAT for Greatest Woman of All Time. One thing is certain: She is the first contender, man or woman, to ever win two back-to-back Olympic Gold Medals in boxing.

Tonight, she is fighting in her hometown of Flint Michigan (tune in Friday, March 5th), which will be her first-ever home-town bout, to show that: 1. Plant-based athletes kick-ass and 2. Equality for women all over the world still has a long way to go. The fight is dedicated to raising awareness for women’s equality around the work in honor of International Women’s Day, which is Monday, March 8th.

Shields is a great ambassador for both causes since she has been fighting and winning since she was 17 when she won her first Olympic Gold Medal in 2012 in London, England. Never count a vegan or plant-based athlete out. Novak Djokovic just won his ninth grand slam, at the Australian Open, on a plant-based diet. Tom Brady just won his seventh Superbowl Ring on a mostly plant-based diet. World Class Champion Surfer Tia Blanco wins her meets on a plant-based diet, and next, Claressa Shields is going to show that she can prevail, be her strongest and perform at the highest levels of her sport, on a plant-based diet of vegetables, fruit, legumes, nuts, and seeds.

Most athletes who have ditched meat and dairy said they do it to lower inflammation in the body, which helps their circulation, oxygen uptake, endurance, strength, and injury prevention. All of them say it helps with faster recovery times so they can go crush it again the next day, without a “down day” between sessions.

Shields will take on Marie-Eve Dicaire in one of the most important matches of her career. The event will be held at the Dort Financial Center in Flint, on March 5 at 9 pm. The fight is being sponsored by Vejii, the new vegan online market where you buy everything you want for a plant-based diet in one place. “Flint is like everywhere I started fighting,” she said. “I’ll be in a Flint photo and fighting for the City Championship at the end. It’s great and I’m super excited about all of it. I’m banking on (winning),” she told Team USA.

Shields was a decorated amateur boxing career, winning her first Olympic gold medal at 17 in 2012. She turned pro after defending her middleweight gold medal in Rio in 2016, she turned professional. In addition to her two Olympic gold medals, she has won nine world championship belts in the sport. Shields, 25, is the defending WBC and WBO light-middleweight champion. In her fight with Dicaire, she’ll put those belts on the line.

“I think it brings a lot more power, a lot more experience. I really think that I’m not just into only boxing. I’m a lot stronger at places where I really had strength at before. So I’m really excited about March 5th and bringing some of that to the table.”

Shields certainly has every right to be “super excited” about this bucket list event, since she grew up not too far from the arena, and learned to love the sport of boxing through her father Bo, a former boxer. “I really started boxing for my dad so that he can live his life through me,” she said. “And I didn’t know that boxing was destined for what I would do. I just did it because I wanted to make my dad happy,” she also told Team USA.

To watch this epic fight, you can go to your local cable On Demand channel, or the live stream platform, Fite.TV, for $29.95.

Claressa Shields Fights For Equality

For Sheilds, there’s only one perfect time to do what she loves, but since March is Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day is celebrated on the 8th, this fight, in particular, is destined to be the moment to prove everything she believes: “We’re as great as the men.”

In an interview with Fox Business, Shields pointed out that women don’t get as much money as men in many sports but specifically in boxing because women are held at a maximum of 10 rounds whereas men can fight for 12 rounds, but she would be willing to compete for the entire round if they let her. Men and women deserve equal pay, and we are here to stay,” she said.

“I have been very vocal about (women’s sports) but after being vocal now you have to take action. And right here is taking action,” Shields said. “Not being given chances by networks that don’t want to pay us what we want or need to be paid. … This is where it all starts. And to me, this is taking a stand for equal pay and equal fight time.”

The List of Vegan Athletes is Expanding with the Help of People Just Like Shields

The ever-growing number of vegan athletes includes all-star players like world-class surfer Tia Blanco, Chris Paul, Lewis Hamilton, and many more. If you feel inspired to ditch meat and dairy to improve performance, watch The Game Changers documentary and learn from the professionals who credit their vegan diet for helping them get to number one ranking or earn titles bigger than imagined, like ‘Strongest Man in the World.”

20 Athletes Who Went Vegan to Get Stronger



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