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Since March 2020, the Bartlesville Child Nutrition and Transportation team took part in serving over 800,000 meals.

In honor of National Employee Appreciation Day on Friday, Child Nutrition Director Jon Beckloff shared a video on Facebook thanking the men and women of the Child Nutrition team and Transportation for Bartlesville Public Schools (BPS). He said they’re appreciated not only by their leaders, but by the entire community.

Bartlesville Child Nutrition (BCN) has been with BPS for almost 30 years. Beckloff said it’s incredible to think of the men and women the serve Bartlesville’s students day in and day out. He said it has been amazing to see his teams jump on board with the plan to serve hot meals in the last year despite the coronavirus pandemic and the unknowns it presented.

When BCN first launched its plan to combat hunger during the pandemic in March 2020, they served hot food at multiple food drive-thru locations. Beckloff said they eventually rolled out the transportation team, who stepped up to the plate as well. He said these teams have been operating for over a year because they understand that if they stop running, there are kids that won’t be fed.

Beckloff said he is honored to have such an amazing team. He said they take every child in, feed them, and treat them like their own family.

The video Beckloff shared on Facebook can be found below.


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