The Best Foods to Help Tighten Skin


WESTCHESTER COUNTY, NY —  February 26, 2021 — Aging and weight loss can make your skin loose, but that’s a passing phase – everyone goes through it at some point.

Most of us face sagging, wrinkling of the skin, and dullness, as part of aging. But, we all have that one friend who never looks a day older, with the perfect skin and youthful bliss.

Even if they lose 50 lbs of weight, their skin stays intact and non-saggy. How does that happen?

People with good eating habits and youthful genes can delay aging a lot longer. But, it is also possible to reverse aging with the help of food. That’s right!

We’re here to introduce the best skin tightening foods that will draw your skin and make you look younger.

What kind of food can tighten the skin?

Food rich in carotenoids protects our skin from the damaging effect of the sunlight. The free radicals damage our skin cells and tissues gradually, so we start to look older as we age. But carotenoids have antioxidant properties which can protect the body from free radicals.

So, food having carotenoids can help us to reverse aging and tighten our skin. These are mostly plant-based food rich in xanthophylls and carotenes. Studies show that people with high carotenoids in their body has fewer signs of aging. They can also alter gene expressions and make people look younger.

Skin Tightening Foods You Should Be Aware Of 

You must be looking for ways to get rids of those lines and wrinkles popping up, or you must be wishing in your twenties never to get old. The easiest way is to eat the right kind of food. Carotenoids are found in colorful and leafy vegetables. Eat those carrots, kale, tomatoes, broccoli, watermelons, and mangoes. These are rich in carotenoids.

Apart from these, focus on food rich in Vitamin C. They have antioxidant properties that can protect the skin. You can try eating citrus fruits for a daily dose of Vitamin C. Beta carotene can restore damaged collagen, so if you are a carrot lover like Bugs Bunny, you get to have super skin!

Bell peppers are another set of super skin food as they have Vitamin C and zinc, and they both help in rejuvenating skin from within. Collagen-forming food like egg whites, garlic, etc., is also helpful in skin tightening. Selenium is another essential mineral that can help fight harmful UV rays against your skin. Oysters are rich in selenium and zinc as they can help make elastin and also protect your skin.

Cruciferous vegetables help in firming loose skin, so don’t forget to include cabbage, Brussel sprouts, broccoli, and Daikon radishes.

Include soy and walnuts in your diet. The good thing about walnuts is you can carry them wherever you are traveling. Soy also has tons of protein and phytochemicals. These phytochemicals slow down the aging process.

As per research, middle-aged women who consumed soy for 8-12 weeks benefited from the ingredient. It improved their skin’s elasticity.

Should You Take Supplements to Tighten Your Skin?

When it comes to supplements, the choice is personal. There are plenty of supplements available today, but it is always better to rely on food for getting the necessary vitamins and minerals. However, if you want to go for additives, you can see a doctor and take prescriptions to have the right kind. However, food should be your primary option for getting nutrients, as it is the best and natural way of gaining nutrition. Also, certain supplements have shown detrimental effects on people.

Finally, when it comes to skin tightening, the motto is “it is never too late.” Studies show that you can reverse most signs of aging with powerful foods. It looks like you have lots of grocery shopping to do today! Make some lifestyle changes, shift to a healthier diet, and eat food rich in anti-aging properties.



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