Team official seeks to make nutrition a pillar of esports success


Fabian Broich is head of performance for Excel Eports, a UK-based professional esports organization that competes in the League of Legends. Broich said the understanding of how to boost players’ performance has only recently expanded beyond the technical aspects of the video games themselves into looking at how to help the athletes become happier, healthier human beings as a way toward better play.

Broich, a German native who played collegiate soccer in the United States, started on the path of analyzing what goes on in players’ minds and bodies with a post college stint with German sports organization Schalke 04.  The club, based in the western German city of Gelsenkirchen, operates professional mens and womens soccer teams, team handball and other sports, including an esports team.

Nutrition was an afterthought


Fabian Broich

Broich said what he learned at Schalke and what he’s experienced now with Excel, where’s he’s been for a couple of years, is that team management has been tightly focused on whether players had the on screen chops and has been less concerned with supporting the overall human being.  That was especially true in the area of nutrition.

“The awareness of the impact of nutrition is not there yet. As a head of performance my role is to lead by example and showcase a healthy lifestyle while educating players on why food is important. We are talking about energy levels, about the importance of glucose and complex carbohydratesas well as supplements,”​ Broich told NutraIngredients-USA.

Broich said up and coming esports athletes still to a large extent rely on caffeine and sugar to fuel their long stints at gaming, which can typcially extend to 12 hours or more a day. Honing one’s skills on actual game play was seen as the primary way to get better, and having a healthier body as a way toward a better performing mind was an afterthought at best.


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