NUQO secures strategic distribution deal with Barentz


NUQO’s said the partnership with Barentz is driven by its strategic plan to further expand its activities in Europe and globally.

This is a milestone for the business, said Ewenn Helary, CEO of NUQO. Partnering with such a well-known and experienced player as Barentz is a huge opportunity for the young company, he told us.

“NUQO’s technologies are gaining traction in Europe, but also in other regions of the globe. Now, the addition of Barentz as a partner in specific European markets will help to reach more producers,”​ he added. “Besides that, we hope to strengthen our collaboration to co-development and research even better solutions in the future, and Barentz is giving us valuable insights to do just that.”

NUQO develops products based on the microencapsulation of phytogenics and phycogenics – metabolites from plants and algae. It has three different production sites across Europe. It is primarily focused on addressing the needs of the monogastric sectors, but it has some solutions targeted at the dairy cattle and equine sectors as well. Its product range includes performance enhancers, flavors and attractants to secure palatability, antioxidants for optimal formulation, toxin binders to adjust to contamination risks, and blends of chelates to reduce mineral deficiency.

November last year also saw NUQO expand its operations geographically, with the opening of its first office in South East Asia, creating NUQO Feed Additives Thailand.

And in January 2021, it entered into a partnership agreement with Aditech Polska, to develop and distribute the French company’s technologies in Poland and in the Baltic countries. That deal followed an extensive period of technical exchange and collaboration between the two companies.


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