NutriAg’s Silicon, Calcium Foliar Fertilizer Released in Canada


NutriAg released SiliCalMax for sale in Canada. The silicon and calcium foliar fertilizer provides developing tissue and fruit with valuable nutrition to prevent deficiencies and physiological disorders before they can get started.

“SiliCalMax represents an excellent opportunity for improving fruit and vegetable quality for growers in Canada,” Sebastian Margarit, VP of Informatics and Agronomy at NutriAg, said. “In addition, NutriAg has demonstrated through its NutriAnalytics data platform that silicon can be critical in improving long-term crop storability. NutriAg’s scientists have paired these newly discovered relationships with the tried-and-true approach of foliar calcium applications to create SiliCalMax.”

SiliCalMax foliar fertilizer is activated by NutriAg’s PAC technology and is now available for sale throughout Canada.



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