Amatheon Agri Introduces its First Healthy Foods Brand, ZUVA Foods, to the German Market – Press Release


  • ZUVA Foods brings innovative, natural, and sustainably grown foods and unique flavours from Africa to the German market
  • Six new and convenient Ready-to-Eat breakfast and lunch bowls, inspired by the tastes of Africa
  • Partnerships with rural African farmers, bringing them into the ZUVA value chain
  • A brand from the agribusiness Amatheon Agri, combining global nutrition and health trends with production facilities and a network of smallholder farmers in Africa
  • Watch a two minute video about ZUVA Foods and the African activities here

BERLIN, GERMANY / ACCESSWIRE / February 8, 2021 / ZUVA Foods, the new brand for 100% natural, fair and sustainably grown food from Africa now brings even more flavour variety to the table! After ZUVA African Quinoa and ZUVA African Chia, now there are delicious and convenient Ready-to-Eat meals for breakfast and lunch, so you don’t need lengthy kitchen preparations to discover new flavours. For the first time, ZUVA is bringing African cuisines to German consumers in bowls that are not only delicious and healthy, but are also produced in partnership with farmers in rural regions of Zambia, Uganda, and Zimbabwe.

A quick trip to Africa for lunch: Vegan ZUVA Quinoa Lunches

These lunches come in three delicious African-inspired varieties with only high quality and natural ingredients used – no flavorings, no flavor enhancers, no yeast extract, no gluten. The South African national dish Bobotie with fruity mango, spicy turmeric, and a hint of chilli; the exotic North African spice blend Chermoula with sweet potato and coriander; and the zesty African seasoning sauce Chakalaka with fruity tomato, cumin, and chilli. All are great vegan sources of essential protein and fibre. Simply pour in boiling water and taste for yourself! It’s just the right fuel to power the second half of your day.

Sunny start to the day: Vegan ZUVA Superfood Teff Porridges

Do you know teff? It’s the smallest grain in the world! But don’t be fooled by its size, this nutty and mild ancient grain from Africa is packed full of proteins, fibre, and valuable minerals such as iron and magnesium. Added bonus: it’s naturally gluten-free! Whether infused with hot water, plant milk, or enjoyed cold as ‘overnight oats’, ZUVA Superfood Teff Porridges contain all you need for a sunny and energetic start to the day. Enjoy it in the three delicious varieties of Banana & Cocoa, Apricot & Coconut, and Mango & Hemp.

This is ZUVA: 100% natural and convenient

ZUVA is the start of a culinary journey to Africa, with fair and sustainably grown plant-based foods and superfoods. “We know that a balanced diet is a vital part of managing our wellbeing, but when we’re on-the-go, it’s often easier to reach for unhealthy fixes,” says CEO and Founder of ZUVA parent company Amatheon Food GmbH, Mr. Carl Heinrich Bruhn. “Our bowls are specially made with only natural ingredients and are balanced with plant-based proteins, fiber, vitamins and minerals.”

ZUVA means “sun” in the African Shona language – and that’s exactly what ZUVA products are: nourished by the African sun and naturally rich in key nutrients. ZUVA completely avoids additives, palm oil, refined sugar, milk powder, yeast extract, or other flavor enhancers. All its products are vegan. “We’ve created easy, totally clean porridges and lunches that introduce African flavours which people may have never tried before,” says Bruhn.

Good for German consumers, and good for partners in Africa

People in rural areas of Africa are traditionally farmers. Most crops are grown to fulfil basic food needs, with few chances to sustainably earn an income. Growing so-called ‘cash crops’ such as quinoa offers smallholder farmers the opportunity to reliably add to their incomes and mitigate their financial risk. ZUVA African Quinoa is grown both in cooperation with up to 4,000 smallholder farmers as part of an Outgrower Programme, and on the company’s own farms.

100% traceable and sustainable

The company behind ZUVA Foods, Amatheon Agri, is a European agri-food company with production sites in Africa. “We are very proud to directly connect our local African agricultural expertise with wider consumers through this brand,” explains Bruhn. Amatheon Agri is part of the UN Global Compact network, the world’s largest initiative for responsible corporate governance. The vision of this network is an inclusive and sustainable global economy.

“Doing good in a sustainable way is ZUVA’s vision,” emphasizes Bruhn. “To healthy consumers here. And to our partners in Africa.”

ZUVA is currently available exclusively online in Germany and Austria – and soon in grocery stores.

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Berlin, Germany, 8 February 2021


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About Amatheon Agri Holding N.V.:

Amatheon Agri is a European agri-food company with headquarters in Berlin and production sites in Sub-Saharan Africa. Since its foundation by Mr. Carl-Heinrich Bruhn in 2011, Amatheon Agri has established sustainable agricultural value chains from cultivation to product-specific processing and trading processes in Zambia, Uganda and Zimbabwe. With a combination of international distribution network, incorporated local know-how as well as a sustainable vision for the future, Amatheon Agri has been able to establish itself as a strategically aligned global player in the African agricultural sector.

In 2020, Amatheon Agri also launched its new brand for 100% natural, fair and sustainably grown food from Zambia, Uganda and Zimbabwe: ZUVA Foods.

SOURCE: Amatheon Agri Holding N.V.

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