Tyler Herro now has a limited edition cereal (because why not?)



Are you hungry for a sugary cereal named after one of the most beloved former Wildcats of the John Calipari era at Kentucky? Of course you are!

We have just the thing to satisfy your breakfast needs.

Tyler Herro has officially introduced his brand new limited edition cereal, HerrO’s Fruit Hoops, which can be yours for the low price of 25 smackeroos (two boxes).

That’s right, $25 for TWO boxes of multi-colored, fruit flavored cereal sold in Limited Collector’s Edition containers, with a portion of all proceeds going to the T. Herro Foundation. Oh, and FREE SHIPPING!

Check out the boxes, which feature Herro illustrations, a word search, fun facts, and nutrition information (only 150 calories per 1 1/4 cup!), below:

And Herro admiring said cereal box:


To get your hands on some HerrO’s Fruit Hoops, head on over to the official website here. 


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