Valley Congressman Dr. Raul Ruiz focuses on nutrition while recovering from Covid-19


Valley Congressman Dr. Raul Ruiz tells News Channel 3 he remains in quarantine while recovering from Covid-19.

Ruiz announced he tested positive for the virus on January 19th.

On Sunday, Ruiz shared his nutritional approach with News Channel 3.

Ruiz wrote:

“I consider my fluid and nutritional intake a very important part of my therapy. There is an enormous metabolic energy need for the body to mount the immune response and the work needed for cells and organs in the body to combat the virus and meet the body’s needs. It is important to eat fresh nutritious meals when sick even when not hungry.

During isolation in D.C. I was alone, sick, and had low energy so I used a grocery delivery app and kept my meals simple for cooking efficiency.

I was always very thirsty so I drank lots and lots of water, sometimes with lemon or lime or split with Gatorade. 

I stopped coffee, alcohol, and soda.

I ate lots of fruits and vegetables high on vitamins and antioxidants. My staples when I’m sick are blueberries (lots and lots of blueberries), strawberries, oranges, bananas, and apples. I snack on them all day.

I incorporate green and red peppers for the vitamins and broccoli for the fiber.  I always eat lots of garlic and onion for the antioxidants when I’m sick.

I had beans for zinc and protein.

My main meals were oatmeal with blueberries, strawberry and banana yogurt smoothies, fruits with peanut butter, chicken vegetable soup, chicken with garlic onion and peppers, and my childhood comfort food a pot of beans with garlic onion and peppers.

Now, at home, I’m drinking hot ginger or eucalyptus teas with a dash of honey instead of coffee.

I hope this helps. The key is to focus on your fluids and nutrition as medicine.”

News Channel 3 will continue to track Congressman Ruiz’s progress as he recovers from the virus.


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