The three best times to take apple cider vinegar, and why


Dr Leisa

Yes, there are specific times that you may benefit more from drinking your apple cider vinegar, (ACV) than others. It’s not that it’s not good at other times, but these three times are the best for specific reasons. I can also give you the steps to help you plan these out.
Some say ACV changes your gut bacteria. What it does, is it supports your gut bacteria. ACV has pepsin in it. Pepsin is a prebiotic fiber that feeds your intestinal good bacteria. The acetic acid, vinegar, changes the pH of your gut. This is very important, as a recap of what I’ve written about before, the pH is what controls the acid balance. Western medicine recommends acid blockers, and antacid when a patient complains of acid burning in their stomach. What is actually going on, is that the stomach pH is not acidic enough, and the small intestine has to pump acid into the stomach to balance it. Blocking acid at that point, is counterproductive. This, in turn, disrupts the gut bacteria, and therefore affects your immune system. When you change the pH in the gut properly, as acetic acid does, it makes pepsin more available to the body. This is important because the pepsin from the ACV and other foods you eat, becomes more available to digest your food properly. The ACV breaks the pepsin down into butyric acid, a short chain fatty acid. This is an important fuel for the gut. This actually heals the gut. And in these times where food is altered and there are so many additives, and emotional stress, the gut becomes disrupted.

This leads to the first of the three best times to take ACV. Before traveling. Stress is quite common for people who travel, and therefore sets off an inflammatory process. By taking your ACV prior to traveling, it will set the good pathways I just mentioned, in motion. There was a study done on people travelling from the United States to Israel. They found that their guts shifted negatively. Regardless of the actual cause of the negative shift in the gut, they found ACV resets this shift and heals. It potentially can stop the bad processes from happening before they start. The best time to take ACV before travel is immediately before flying. If at all possible, just before you go through TSA. This way it has time to work and help to immediately prevent any negative shift to the gut.

The next best time to take apple cider vinegar is right after a cheat meal. Especially if you have overindulged in carbohydrates. The last thing you need, especially if you are trying to maintain your weight, is a spike in blood sugar. How this works is acetic acid drives down blood sugar. This of course helps with balancing blood sugar and reducing weight gain. In the body, there are glucose transporters. These glucose transporters move sugar(carbohydrates), into the bloodstream. Acetic acid stops these transporters from passing glucose into the bloodstream. In turn, it passes it into the gut and then out of the body, a much healthier pathway. A study in The European Journal of Clinical Nutrition found a 34 percent decrease of overall glucose levels in subjects that took ACV after consuming 50 grams of carbohydrates worth of white bread. Another study published in Diabetes Care, reported those who took 2 tablespoons of ACV just before bed, had a 6 % reduction in fasting blood glucose the next morning.

The third best time to take ACV, is after fasting. The Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry, published a study that reported when you have acetic acid in a fasting state, it upregulates something called PPAR-Alpha. This is normally activated in a fasting state. It does many good things for the body, including turning white fat into brown fat. This allows the body to burn fat much more efficiently. It is also important in the antiaging process, which will have to be another article.

A small change that can make a huge difference in your gut and metabolism, is taking your ACV at the right time. If you’d like more help on improving the health of your gut, and increasing your fat burning, please call my office for a complimentary consultation.

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