Letter to the Editor: Nutrition workers deserve better | Opinion


When we think of “frontline workers” we consider them heroes during this time. They can range from health care workers to truck drivers to cashiers. However, let’s talk about nutrition workers in schools.

They are the only employees in a school setting that go to work every single day while teachers work from home and other personnel are on rotation schedules. My mom is one of them. She knows her job is valuable; not only because I tell her all the time, but she feeds kids in our community to make sure they have at least two meals a day. Her and her colleagues in the cafeteria meet one basic physiological need for the children — food. They provide nourishment to focus in the classroom and their overall health.

Now, while they do this, they do it without any extra benefits, hazardous pay or extra acknowledgment. Kudos to the Kern High School District board, which passed a one-time incentive to all school employees working during these hard times. I’m now looking to Bakersfield City School District. Not only did it deny the nutrition managers hazardous pay when they asked, it doesn’t pay their benefits like so many of its other employees nor has it given an incentive like KHSD. Shame on the district. They are part of the backbone to these kids’ daily live.

Do better, BCSD. Do it for the true frontline workers of your district. Your district may not see your true value, but many others, including myself, do. Thank you for meeting the needs of our kids, going to work daily and being a positive adult they get to see daily in person. You are building relationships more than you know. Kudos to all you nutrition workers and managers!

Rebecca Banke, Bakersfield


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