Contactless COVID-compliant sports nutrition drinks dispenser


The EVOLVE Nutrition Station is the firm’s first venture into the health and fitness market and is capable of holding and dispensing forms of powdered or granulated sports nutrition supplements.

These forms include Protein, Branched-Chain Amino Acid (BCAA), Pre-Workout, Thermogenics, Electrolytes, Meal Replacement Powders and Weight Loss Powders.

“The dispenser can be formatted to dispense a four of the above instead of four different flavours of protein, for example,”​ the firm adds. “In a single EVOLVE, you could dispense a Thermogenic, Pre-Workout, Protein and BCAA.”

The station boasts contactless ‘Hover Select’ technology, that minimises physical contact and adds to the machine’s ‘COVID-safe’ credentials. Cashless payment technology is also included to boost ease of use.

The ‘new normal’

“Although a COVID-19 vaccine is thankfully in the early stages of rolling out across the globe, contactless, self-service machines are an integral part of our ‘new normal’ – especially in health and fitness settings like gyms,” ​says Devon-based Westomatic.

“Complete with a contactless payment system, automated retail machines like the EVOLVE are also perfect for health and fitness settings that are open 24-hours per day and are often unmanned during off-peak and unsociable hours.”

The launch of Westomatic’s vending machine closely follows the decision by UK-based health and beauty retailer Boots to install​ a protein shake vending machine in the retailer’s Manchester branch.

Produced by sports nutrition brand Bio-Synergy, the vending machine offers a range of dairy and plant-based beverages for €3.28 (£3) a shake.


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