Aker seeks ‘important protein player’ status with new ingredient derived from krill


The new protein is called INVI, which Aker CEO Matts Johansen captures one of the product’s prime differentiating attributes.

Protein for clear beverages

“‘INVI’ is short for invisible.  It’s a clear protein that’s fully soluble,” ​Johansen told NutraIngredients-USA.

Johansen said the new protein is a hydrolyzed protein isolate with a complete amino acid profile.  The protein is also said to include minerals such as calcium and magnesium.

“It’s a complete protein that has all the amino acids and in greater quantity than most of the other protein sources.  It’s a very high quality protein from the nutritional aspect.  And it’s fully water soluble—it becomes clear in water.  It’s pH and heat stable, so customers can pasteurize beverages without destroying the protein,”​ Johansen said.

Johansen said the protein project has been underway for about five years.  The potential for a protein from krill was there from the outset.  When the krill is harvested and goes through its initial processing stage at sea the raw material is split into a lipids stream and a ‘meat’ leftover portion, which is mostly made up of protein.

One of the biggest challenges in working with krill as a raw material has always been its sensory aspect.  Over the years Aker has introduced new processing technology at its main plant in Houston to remove the bait bucket odor from its krill oil products.  That technology was applied to the protein development process to arrive at an ingredient that matches up well with any protein source in the market, Johansen said.


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