Plant protein sector set for a shakeup with launch of spent barley upcycling startup


The Anheuser-Busch InBev-backed sustainable ingredients company upcycles the circularly sourced barley into nutrient-rich ingredients that can be used in snacks, breads, cakes, muffins and biscuits.

The company – which has been developing products from spent grain for a number of years – has introduced two cornerstone ingredients to mark its launch.

EverVita is made from barley fibres and proteins with minimal starch, used as a single solution to boost the nutrition and gut health benefits of products without impacting taste and texture, while EverPro is a fully soluble protein isolate that adds a ‘slightly malty note’ to a number of plant-based products.

Both ingredients come with a range of processing advantages:

  • Bread: Increases specific volume and moistens crumb compared to wholemeal flour; promotes superior machinability and consistency of dough; lowers net carbohydrates and predicted GI
  • Cakes & muffins: Higher specific volume than cakes fortified with wheat bran or wholemeal flour; water-binding properties to retain moisture during baking; lower in carbohydrates
  • Cookies & biscuits: Provides an appetizing golden-brown colour that communicates a health halo; promotes crispiness and crunchiness with a light texture
  • Pizza crust: Improves on the whole wheat pizza experience with strengthened mouthfeel; easy to integrate into formulations; delivers a signature, appetizing golden-brown crust
  • Pasta & noodles: Promotes ‘al dente’ texture with great tensile strength and firmness performance; has ideal extrusion with no sticking together while drying or cooking; offers a more appetizing flavour than legume-based varieties
  • Bars & snacks: Has a clean taste with desired texture and chew and minimal moisture transfer; promotes a crisp and crunchy texture for extruded snacks, while enabling higher protein and fibre-fortified positioning


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