New Year 2021 Fruits For Good Luck: Celebrate International Year of Fruits and Vegetables With These 5 That Will Ensure Happiness and Prosperity


We are all equally excited to make the start of New Year 2021. Gathering a lot of hope and positivity through these difficult times, we are welcoming the New Year. Did you know that the United Nations has declared the Year 2021 as International Year of Fruits and Vegetables (IYFV)? The idea is to highlight the vital role of fruits and vegetables in human nutrition and food security. And to make efforts to improve sustainable production and reduce waste of these foods. Talking about the importance of fruits and vegetables, do you know certain of them help to ensure luck on your side in the new year. Yes, there are certain foods which are believed to bring in good luck if consumed on the New Year’s Eve. So today, we also bring 5 fruits and vegetables that will bring in good luck in 2021.

The UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) is leading the celebration of the year, in collaboration with other organizations. FAO Director-General Qu Dongyu launched the International Year on 15 December with a virtual event. He appealed to everyone to improve healthy and sustainable food production through innovation and technology and to reduce food loss and waste. He also stressed on how fruits and vegetables provide the healthy fiber and contribute to a stronger immune system, which is of prime importance right now. Good Luck for New Year 2021: Manifest Health, Wealth & Positivity With These 9 NYE Traditions From Around the World to Bring Happiness and Prosperity.

5 Fruits and Vegetables Lucky for 2021

Apples: We have heard long enough the popular phrase of “Apple a day, keeps doctor away.” But other than the health benefits of this fruit, it is also said to be a symbol of bringing in luck and prosperity. In fact, the colour red is also said to be a sign of good luck.

Oranges: As per Chinese beliefs, oranges represent golden money. So eating this fruit is said to bring good wealth and prosperity.

Grapes: The good luck quality with grapes is very specific. So exactly 12 grapes are to be consumed at the stroke of midnight, one by one, symbolic for each month of the year.

Black-Eyed Peas: Any kind of beans are considered a sign of good luck in many countries. They are said to a sign of humility which responds with a good fortune in return. Black-eyed peas are the most popular beans eaten on New Year’s Eve.

Lentils: Lentils are believed to bring good luck in Italy. Eating them at New Year after midnight is a tradition dating back to ancient Rome. The ancient Romans would gift lentil pouches as gifts to their friends and family. They are considered a sign of abundance and thus bring in wealth and prosperity.

Besides the ones mentioned above, there are several other fruits which are associated with good luck for the New Year. After a tough year of 2020, we all need some good luck in the forthcoming year. We wish you all a Happy and Lucky New Year 2021!

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