Do gol gappe make your mouth water? Know the average calories in the dish


Do gol gappe make your mouth water? Know the average calories in the dish

Do gol gappe make your mouth water? Know the average calories in the dish&nbsp | &nbspPhoto Credit:&nbspiStock Images

Key Highlights

  • Gol gappe is a street food dish popular in parts of India
  • Gol gappe are also called paani puri or gupchup in some parts of India
  • Here are the average amount of calories present in a plate of gol gappe

New Delhi: People all over India acknowledge and love gol gappe. This popular dish is also known as puchka, paani ke batashe, paani puri, paani patashi, gupchup and fuchka. Although the popular street food is divided by the various names it goes by, it is united by the love that people whole for it. Have you ever wondered what is so special about this dish? Maybe it’s the burst of flavours that fills your mouth with each bite along with the delicious flavoured water and the spicy filling. Well, you can’t put a finger on it. Perhaps that is the beauty of the entire dish. Here is what you need to know about this popular street food.

Calories in gol gappe

The average amount of calories present in a serving of gol gappe are 330 calories.

Nutrition facts of gol gappe

The estimated nutrition facts of a serving of gol gappe are as follows:

Nutrition Value
Vitamin A 572.3 mg
Vitamin C 8.5 mg
Calcium 96.7 mg
Sodium 20.5 mg
Iron 5.8 mg
Potassium 223.7 mg
Magnesium 43.4 mg
Zinc 0.8 mg
Fat 9.1 g
Protein 9.4 g
Fibre 6.3 g
Carbohydrates 51.8 g

Are gol gappe healthy?

There are a lot of doubts revolving around the healthiness of the dish. If you look at it from a hygiene point of view, the most immediate access to go gappe is usually through the local street vendors. This could often raise a concern about the conditions whether hygienic or not, in which the dish has been prepared. Because the flavoured water is an important part of the dish, the cleanliness of the water is also often considered. Consumption of unhygienic food can lead to food poisoning and can cause the body extreme discomfort.

Tips to make eating gol gappe healthier for you

Preparing the dish at home will allow you to alter the ingredients according to your will. Furthermore, it will be possible to rule the hygiene factor out of the picture. Here are some ways you can follow to make yourself healthy gol gappe:

  • While preparing the puri, use suji instead of all-purpose flour to decrease the calorie content of the dish.
  • Prepare the stuffing with healthy ingredients such as chickpeas, peas, potatoes and onions.
  • If you are using dahi in your recipe, include low-fat dahi instead of the regular one. 

Disclaimer: Tips and suggestions mentioned in the article are for general information purpose only and should not be construed as professional medical advice. Always consult your doctor or a dietician before starting any fitness programme or making any changes to your diet.

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