Agrifirm and Land O’Lakes expanded tie-up, Animine launches manganese product, Leiber targets Nordic markets with yeast product portfolio


In an expanded agreement, the two organizations are working together to market, for the first time, the “next generation”​ swine and poultry products from Land O’Lakes’ PMI feed additives business throughout Europe, Asia and Latin America.

The agreement between Agrifirm’s functional feed ingredient brand, Agrimprove, and Land O’Lakes’ PMI division is the third key partnership between the two cooperatives. Since 2015, PMI has been the exclusive distributor of Agrimprove functional feed ingredients in the US. And, in 2019, the partners formed Agrilakes, a joint venture in China targeted at supplying ingredients for local dairy production.

New highly concentrated manganese product

Meanwhile, French trace mineral supplier, Animine, has launched what it says is a new innovative source of purified manganese, branded as ManGrin.

The product, it said, is highly bioavailable and it provides a minimum of 75% of manganese.

“Tested in broilers, ManGrin revealed significant higher liver content compared to other sources, a sign of higher bioavailability,”​ said the producer.

It also has high flowability, which the product developer said is a key parameter in the reduction of airborne particles when handling such neurotoxic compounds as manganese. 

It complies with the highest safety standards as well, with low heavy metal content as per EU legislative requirements and is highly stable as the characteristics of ManGrin make it less reactive to its environment, limiting interactions with other compounds in premix preparations in the digestive tract, said the French company.


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