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Local schools team up with Brazos Valley Food Bank to help fight child hunger


BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) -Local school districts partner with the Brazos Valley Food Bank to help some of our most vulnerable, children.

Bryan ISD Project Hope is just of 12 school pantries across the Brazos Valley.

“The food bank is vital to our existence to our food pantry we do receive financial and in-kind donations directly to us from individuals in the community but we rely heavily on the support from the Brazos Valley Food Bank,” said Donna Willet Director of School Counselors.

During this pandemic, the pantry has served more than 360 students.

“We do have a number of families that are now relying maybe on one income or a part-time income so there is an increasing need,” said Willett

Pecan Trail Intermediate in College Station serves more than 40 families a week.

“I think it’s a common misconception that we don’t have as high of a need here but I do know we’re one of the pantries that serve the most families in our district,” said Lauren Mendez School Counselor.

Mendez says they see that number change based on each family’s needs.

“We have families who may need to use the pantry one time just to get by a hard spot but then we have others who rely on it each week for their families,” said Mendez.

600 students across both districts get food regularly from the 10 different pantries.

Both districts say something as simple as food can be vital for student’s growth.

“To be successful in the classroom academically social emotionally they have to have the nutrition it’s vital and anyway we can help we want to do that,” said Willett.

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