Majority Of Kiwis Recognise The Role Of Red Meat In A Healthy Diet


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Role of Red Meat in Healthy & Sustainable New Zealand
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research* shows that almost three quarters of Kiwis agree
that red meat is good for their health and nutrition, with
only seven percent disagreeing. This overwhelming
recognition for the nutrition credentials of red meat
coincides with the release of The Role of Red Meat
in Healthy and Sustainable New Zealand Diets
produced for Beef + Lamb New Zealand.

Beef + Lamb New
Zealand’s Head of Nutrition Fiona Windle was pleased that
the substantial body of evidence supporting sensible
consumption of red meat was recognised by the vast majority
of the public.

“The role red meat plays in the diets
of Kiwis has received plenty of consideration over recent
years. The aim of this report is to provide a New
Zealand-centric, peer-reviewed summary of the evidence to
help inform and bring balance to a discourse that has too
often become binary and, at times, unconstructive in its
attempt to charter a pragmatic path forward. It is so
encouraging to see so many of us feel good about eating red

The Role of Red Meat in Healthy and
Sustainable New Zealand Diets
report is a fourth
evolution of a piece of work that has been underpinning Beef
+ Lamb New Zealand’s nutrition work for 20 years.
Contributors and reviewers of the report – who
collectively have well over a century of expertise between
them, have assessed the current body of evidence relating to
nutrition and environment, and the interfacing areas of food
systems and sustainable nutrition, when it comes to New
Zealand beef and lamb.

Professor Derrick Moot an,
agricultural expert from Lincoln University said: “In New
Zealand, at least 90% of our land cannot be farmed for
crops, making our pasture-fed system unique in the global
context. Often our voice is lost in the global conversation
around food production systems, however we know that
overseas academics are looking to learn from us and how we
have embraced our environmental challenges. Unlike the rest
of the world, our animals spend their whole lives outside
– 365 days a year. Not only that, but we are close to
being carbon neutral, making New Zealand a leader in carbon
sequestration. Our production systems are as natural as we
can get right now. We are good at agriculture and need to be
proud of that.”

Other interesting conclusions drawn
from the consumer research include close to two thirds of
Kiwis stating that red meat was an excellent source of both
iron and protein. However, it was the functional benefits
the nutrients in red meat contribute that New Zealanders
have less awareness of.

Fiona Windle added, “For any
New Zealanders feeling like your consumption of grass-fed
New Zealand beef and lamb is being challenged, I encourage
you to feel reassured with your decision, and remember the
benefits of including red meat in your diet are wide-ranging
and significant. Your energy levels, your immune system,
helping you focus at work or school, your skin health,
fertility and muscles are all supported by the nutrients
from red meat.

“To see for yourself, I encourage you
to read the report and look at the hundreds of studies
supporting this

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