COVID-19 fuels interest in personalized nutrition and products to support physical & emotional health


“Every year, trends don’t stop on December 31 and start over on January 1,”​ Lu Ann Williams, director of insights and innovation at Innova Market Insights, recently told webinar attendees gathered to look ahead to the top 10 trends of 2012. Rather, she explained, trends build and evolve year over year – and as one of the most influential events of 2020, coronavirus has dramatically reshaped and elevated several trends that will take on added prominence in the new year.

Among these is a demand for personalized nutrition and products that meet individuals’ style, beliefs and needs, which Innova found 64% of consumers consider a top priority when purchasing products, Williams noted.

“Gluten-free was really the first trend where consumers got an idea that the way I eat can really make me feel different to the way other people eat. So, now we see consumers want everything tailored,”​ she said.

The top three factors they consider when evaluating personalize nutrition is if a product meets their specific nutritional needs, fits their lifestyle (including their ethical priorities) and is based on their body composition, she added.

Immunity-boosting is a top priority

Another trend that COVID shined a spotlight on in 2020 that will continue in 2021 is an interest in immunity-boosting properties, which 60% of consumers around the world told Innova is something they increasingly look for in food and beverage products.

In addition, 54% of consumers said that due to COVID they now spend time educating themselves on ingredients and procedures or things that help boost their immunity, which has led to many getting more sleep, being more physically active and choosing foods naturally high in nutrients, including vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.


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