Barry Callebaut wants to crack the plant-based market with global expansion of La Morella Nuts


La Morella Nuts wants to bring its expertise to the world after ‘decades’ of experience in Mediterranean nut craft in Spain.

The business, which was acquired by Barry Callebaut in 2012, is focused on delivering high quality nut-based ingredients. It has a presence across European markets including Spain, France and the Benelux – and now it plans to step up growth in Europe and the US.

“When we speak about expansion in Europe it means two things. Geographical expansion and product expansion,”​ Philippe Janvier, Barry Callebaut Vice President of specialities and decorations EMEA, said at a press conference today.

The company plans to introduce La Morella Nuts to additional European customers in countries like Germany and the UK, the Barry Callebaut executive continued. The ingredient supplier also wants to extend its reach beyond traditional nut categories, like confectionery or bakery, and sees great potential for its nut specialities to capitalise on growing consumer interest in plant-based products.

“We would like to expand our product portfolio in markets where we are already active, for example with the new dairy-free nut category,” ​Janvier continued. 

“Today, nuts are very relevant for the consumer. Historically, it was more in confectionery, bakery, pastry and ice cream market segments. But now nuts are more and more used in plant-based applications. They can be used to replace milk, but also to bring great taste, texture and nutrition.”

Between 2015 and 2019 the amount of nut-based vegan drinks, desserts and frozen desserts launches has tripled. In western Europe over the next five years dairy-free ice cream is expected to grow by 13% and dairy free drinks are expected to grow by 10%, Janvier noted.


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