Flourish flour has 5x the fiber, but ‘looks, tastes and bakes like all-purpose flour,’ claims Bay State Milling


Unlike whole wheat flour, which contains all the components of the kernel (the germ, the starchy endosperm, and the fibrous bran layer), Flourish​ is like regular refined all-purpose flour in that it’s made from the endosperm, with a fine pale texture and no grainy bits that can put some consumers off wholewheat flour.

While it doesn’t contain wheat bran, Flourish is nevertheless high in fiber as it’s made from a non-GMO, high-amylose variety of wheat with an endosperm very high in resistant starch, a dietary fiber which resists digestion in the small intestine and reaches the large intestine, where it’s fermented, potentially conferring a variety of health benefits.   

To put this into perspective, most wheat starch contains around 25% amylose, a resistant starch, and 75% amylopectin, an easy digestible source of starch. The starch in Flourish “flips this ratio on its head​” and contains around 75% amylose, marketing executive Jillian Wishman told FoodNavigator-USA.

“Unlike the fiber in wheat bran, which many people associate with roughage and regularity, things that people don’t love to talk about, the fiber in Flourish, resistant starch, is a prebiotic fiber, which feeds the good bacteria in your gut, and that can also have immune health benefits.”*

‘You don’t have to compromise anymore’

Bay State CEO Pete Levangie added: “We’re big proponents of whole grains and whole wheat, but we’ve learned in some ways painfully, that one of the trade offs there, is that it can be hard to bake with and some consumers struggle with the bitter taste. This is all about another path to bring nutrient dense flour to the marketplace.


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