Instant superfood, nootropics sachets Bondi Beach


A former bodybuilder has created a new kind of coffee that is sure to turn you off the instant stuff.

When Australia went into lockdown earlier in the year over the coronavirus pandemic, with coffee shops closed, Bondi Beach local PJ Fernandez Lee decided to take a chance and launch Flow State Coffee with his former business partner.

But the move was a success – they sold out of the country’s first “smart” coffee in 10 days.

The individual sachets contain an instant Arabica coffee infused with superfoods and all natural nootropics, or cognitive enhancers.

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All of the ingredients are locally sourced and the coffee is manufactured in Australia, out of Queensland.

Mr Lee worked with the manufacturer’s food technologist for 18 months to perfect the blend, which claims to boost your brain power and enhance your performance.

The company has sold out three times since its launch and recently hit the 50,000 coffees mark, selling in 10 other countries.

That works out to be $125,000 in revenue so far for the six-time Mr Australia bodybuilder champion and 2012 Junior Mr World.

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“My mission was to transform the everyday cup of coffee and the way it’s consumed,” Mr Lee said.

Mr Lee said the Flow State product was different to other high performance coffees in that it has added health foods such as ginkgo biloba and L-theanine, which is said to promote relaxation and support stress relief.

“Studies show it combats anxiety people associate with drinking coffee and gives a calm and clear focus, rather than a buzzy high,” he said.

Its Alpha GPC ingredient is also said to support cognitive performance and key brain function.

“It’s a complete formula and actually tastes like coffee,” he said.

Having always been around the health and fitness lifestyle, working as a personal trainer on and off over the years and running a nutrition and supplement store with his brother.

“I’ve always had an eye for all that fitness stuff,” he said.

“That’s how the opportunity or imagination for the coffee products started.

“I’ve always been a real competitive guy and looked at other products with an edge or advantage, that can bring a better version of myself. I came across nootropics years ago and would supplement with a product.

Mr Lee said the business keeps going from strength to strength.

“Moving forward I need to look at my numbers and make sure we don’t keep running out,” he laughed.


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