Can Eating One Akhrot a Day Prevent Heart Diseases?


Walnuts are a superfood native to North America. They are jam-packed with good fat, fiber, and protein. These brown coloured crunchy dry fruits resemble the human brain and are known to improve your memory and your brain’s cognitive functions. Their unique nutrient content makes them stand out. Eating walnuts daily can keep you away from various debilitating diseases and conditions. Let’s know the 5 most important benefits of walnuts. Also Read – Benefits of Walnuts: How Akhrot Can Help Build Immunity in Winters

Improves Heart Health

Walnuts contain monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids that can reduce the level of harmful cholesterol in your body and thus can decrease your risk of suffering from cardiovascular diseases including a heart attack, stroke, etc. According to a research published in the British Journal of Nutrition, eating around 40 grams of walnuts every day can protect you from heart diseases, and having this fruit at least 4 times every week can reduce your risk of developing heart diseases by up to 37 per cent. Also Read – Study Finds Women Who Eat Walnuts Have Greater Chance of Healthy Ageing

Helps in Weight Loss

Though walnuts are rich in calories, they can be eaten to control your weight as they keep you satiated for long and prevent overeating, one of the major reasons behind weight gain. According to a study published in the journal Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism, having 48 grams of walnuts once a day for even 5 days can decrease your appetite and help your brain give you signals to resist highly tempting food cues.

Helps Manage Type 2 Diabetes

If you are at greater risk of developing type 2 diabetes or you are already suffering from it, you should add walnuts to your daily diet as they control your weight. Notably, excess weight is associated with an increased risk of high sugar levels in the body.

Improves Your Brain Function

Oxidative damage and inflammation are two major enemies of your brain. Walnuts are rich in certain nutrients including vitamin E, polyunsaturated fat, and polyphenols, that have been scientifically proven to reduce oxidative damage and inflammation in the brain. Observational studies have suggested that eating walnuts daily can improve your memory and increase your brain’s ability to process things.

Good For Male Reproductive Health

Walnuts are good for male fertility and sperm health. Studies suggest that including 75 grams of walnuts in your daily diet can improve the shape of your sperm, its vitality, and mobility.


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