Trendsetters and the Top 6 Trends that will shape the snacks scene in 2021


According to indepth research from ADM’s proprietary OutsideVoice consumer insights platform, each of the trends is strongly influenced by behavioural and societal changes that have emerged since the beginning of the pandemic, including heightened feelings of anxiety and stress, shifting priorities, changes in social connectivity and the adoption of a more holistic approach to wellness. 

“The global health crisis has changed consumer preferences in new and unexpected ways,”​ said Vince Macciocchi, president, Nutrition, ADM.

“We are seeing a heightened demand for foods and beverages that support immune systems, enhance our mood and reduce our environmental impact, driven in part by emerging human tensions. This has provided a unique opportunity for brands to develop disruptive new products that will forever change the way we eat and drink. It’s going to be a year of innovation, marked by significant breakthroughs in nutrition.”  

Trend 1: A more proactive approach to nourishing the body and mind

ADM research finds that 31% of consumers are purchasing more items tailored for their health, while 50% report a preference for snacks that naturally contain beneficial ingredients.

This is creating opportunities for nutrient-dense snacks with functional health benefits aimed at supporting immune systems, enhancing mood and sustaining energy.

Trendsetters: Deux and Happy Family Organics

Beautiful snacks

Deux Foods has launched a line of functional, plant-based cookie doughs that are enhanced with immunity boosting vitamins, collagen, and protein.

Targeted at Gen X consumers who seek ‘food as beauty’ products to add to their skincare regime, the Deux line includes three gluten-free vegan variants, each targeting a specific function through the use of impactful ingredients, created with the guidance of a naturopathic doctor.


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