How YouTube may be feeding your kids bad nutritional advice with junk food marketing – Daily News


If you have children or teens living in your household, you are likely very familiar with video-sharing sites like YouTube. Home viewing entertainment has moved way beyond cable television and movies to these user-generated video library sites with a seemingly endless supply of content. These social media sites pose various concerns for parents, caregivers and educators. Now pediatricians and other health practitioners are sounding the alarm on the marketing of unhealthy foods and drinks to young viewers on these platforms.

This is not the first time that the marketing of junk food to kids has come up as a hot topic. Television advertisements geared towards children for sugary cereals, sugar-sweetened beverages and fast food, for example, have been debated for decades. We know from the research that the marketing of high-calorie, low-nutrient products to children increases children’s preference and intake of these foods and drinks. Furthermore, unhealthy food and beverage commercials targeting children and teens contribute to poor quality diet and increased preventable illness in young people in the United States and worldwide. While some countries tightly control or ban unhealthy food ads targeting kids and teens, the U.S. is not one of them.


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