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Bedtime bliss

Although the holidays may look different this year, it doesn’t mean indulgence has to stop. Insomnia Cookies has extended its cookie collection with vegan variants, delivered warm, day and late at night, to help make holiday snacking occasions memorable.

Available as individual cookies or in 6-packs, the new variants include:

  • Vegan Chocolate Chunk: with generous amounts of dairy-free ooey-gooey chocolate chunks
  • Vegan Double Chocolate Chunk: double the chocolate, double the deliciousness
  • Vegan Birthday Cake: warm vanilla wishes and all the sprinkles

The luscious treats will become permanent menu items at all Insomnia locations, for delivery and nationwide shipping across the US.

Local delivery is available until 12 am (orders to be done on the company’s website), while its stores are open until 1 pm or later for most locations.

Bucking the trend

Australian snack producer Livwell Emporium has hit the market this year with Buckweaves, a plant alternative snack that uses naturally gluten-free buckwheat as its star ingredient.

Buckweaves underwent extensive market research from conception to launch, which coincided with the complexities of navigating through the pandemic. However, the company pressed on, conducting extensive consumer sensory evaluations, refinements and commissioning new equipment for its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Seaford, Victoria.


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