The trendsetters aligned with Innova Market Insights’ Top 10 Trends for 2021


1.            Transparency triumphs

Transparency will dominate consumer demand in 2021. Brands that stay ahead of the curve in meeting evolving ethical, environmental and clean label consumer demands will come out top.

Trendsetters, Nutella, Bakedin

Nutella Brioche Baking Kit

Nutella and Bakedin have partnered to launch a baking kit to capitalise on the home-baking boom this year.

The Nutella Brioche Baking Kit includes the exact amount of dry ingredients needed to create a dozen brioche buns – including flour, sugar and yeast – along with a 200g jar of Nutella, which provides just the right amount (a 15g heaped teaspoon) of the good stuff per brioche bun.

“The popularity of home baking exploded in recent months, with the term ‘baking’ mentioned in posts 130% more than over the last three months than in the previous period,”​ said James Steward, marketing director of Nutella UK.

“Lockdown saw a significant increase in people using Nutella as a topping in creative ways to produce innovative breakfast options, which has led to a value sales gain of +34% over the lockdown period.”

Joseph Munns, founder of the growing startup Bakedin, added, “We know consumers are turning to baking more than ever; membership to our subscription baking club grew 1,200% during lockdown.

“Our philosophy is all about homemade happiness, and this partnership paves the way to  offer a new, high quality and fun home-baking experience.”

Nutella maker Ferrero has used 100% sustainable RSPO certified palm oil in all its products since January 2015 and became one of the first global companies to achieve this. The confectionery giant joined the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) in 2005 and has been continually publishing full lists of its mills every six months to ensure transparency in its supply chain.


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