Emirates News Agency – Dubai International Nutrition Congress encourages healthy lifestyle to reduce risks of COVID-19


DUBAI, 25th October, 2020 (WAM) — The 6th edition of the annual Dubai International Nutrition Congress concluded with a number of recommendations that focused on various topics in the field of nutrition.

The three-day event was held under the patronage H.H. Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy Ruler of Dubai, Minister of Finance and President of the Dubai Health Authority, DHA, from October 22-24, 2020. The event was inaugurated by Humaid Al Qutami, Director-General of the DHA, concluded on Saturday where 35 speakers highlighted the latest research and the best practices in the field of clinical nutrition. The speakers also discuss various topics related to COVID-19, such as the impact of COVID-19 on mental health, the quality of life in the UAE, nutrition amid COVID-19 and assessment of eating habits and lifestyle during the pandemic, to name a few.

The congress saw prominent speakers from more than 20 countries discuss various topics, which resulted in a number of recommendations that include:


The importance of encouraging UAE residents to adopt a healthy lifestyle in order to reduce risks of COVID-19.

Promoting a healthy diet, regular exercise at home, avoiding smoking, and working on mental health must be taken into account to improve the immune system.

Emphasis on nutritionists and medical workers to develop a healthy diet with appropriate food alternatives for diabetics.

Ensuring that the adequate needs of vitamin D are met for pregnant mothers, children, adolescents, the elderly, whether from its natural source, or from other food sources or nutritional supplements.

Nutrition of intensive care patients

Setting the basic standards and recommendations for the quality and quantity of protein given to hospitalized intensive care patients, as studies indicate that the timing and amount of protein intake play a major role in determining the mortality rate in critically ill patients.


Maintaining the presence and activation of the microbiota inside the human body because of its importance in raising the immune system. Promoting foods and medicines, which maintain the activity of such beneficial bacteria in our bodies.

Nutrition of newborn children

Attention to the health of the child from the first moments of pregnancy and even during the period of preparation for pregnancy, and ensuring that the mother takes all the healthy foods, vitamins and minerals necessary to ensure the health of the fetus, and to avoid many diseases such as osteoporosis of children or malnutrition, iron deficiency and others.

Mental health

Raising awareness of the important role of physical activity in managing mild to moderate mental health disorders.

There may be a need to regulate working hours to reduce the burden on individuals during the current pandemic.

Other recommendations included: increasing awareness and nutritional education among the public on the importance of children participating in choosing and preparing healthy eating habits. Encouraging special studies and research in nutritional fields and providing the necessary support from all relevant bodies for this.


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