5 Ways McDonald’s Happy Meals Are Getting Healthier


Seems the golden arches are on their way to earning a golden halo for their work in bringing nutritious food to kids everywhere. Since 2013, McDonald’s has been making a concerted effort not only to make McDonald’s Happy Meals healthier (starting by including apple slices in every order) but also to steer kids toward making healthier choices (starting with removing soda from all menu boards and advertising for the purpose of prompting an increase in orders of, well, anything but icky soda). Now, two years into a four-year plan to make Happy Meals even healthier,  McDonald’s is reporting it’s well on its way. 

Since it first announced its “Global Happy Meals Goals” in 2018, McDonald’s has sold over 2.5 billion Happy Meal items containing fruit, vegetable, low fat dairy, water, lean protein or whole grains. “We’re proud of the progress we’ve made in providing families around the world access to more balanced Happy Meal Menu options,” says Julia Braun, McDonald’s Director of Global Nutrition, “and we remain committed to using our size and scale to support children and families as we continue to evolve the Happy Meal.”

Here’s how McDonald’s has been making their Happy Meals healthier and getting kids all over the world to crave healthier fast food.

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