10 Healthy Carb Energy Sources For Athletes


It is vitally important to fuel your body properly before you attack any kind of competition. The following foods are great sources of nutrition for energy (and more) before training. They include both fast acting and slow burning energy sources to suit the requirements of your training.

Eating before you train helps give your body energy, prevent muscle catabolism and increases muscle anabolism.


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Dates are a great source of fibre, carbohydrate, potassium, magnesium and energy. They are also Exceptionally popular in the endurance marathon and triathlon scenes, and for good reason.

“The main role of carbohydrates in physical activity is to provide energy,” says the British Nutrition Foundation. “For athletes, if their diet does not contain enough carbohydrate, it is likely that their performance and recovery will be impaired, as carbohydrate is the key fuel for the brain and for muscles during exercise.”

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