University of Idaho Awarded $30,000 From Dairy West to Support Sports Nutrition | Idaho


MOSCOW – Dairy West has awarded the University of Idaho $30,000 as part of the Sports Nutrition Partnership Grant.

U of I is one of six organizations Dairy West is partnering with to educate athletes about the importance of fueling for performance and highlight dairy foods as an optimal fueling choice.

Collectively, nearly 2,000 athletes — including more than 300 at the University of Idaho — will gain cutting-edge sports nutrition education through the Dairy West partnership.

“We thank Dairy West for selecting the University of Idaho as a recipient in the Sports Nutrition Partnership Grant. This will provide an immediate impact on our student-athletes and allow the U of I Athletics Fueling Center to expand its current offerings through new portable equipment and integration of nutrition education programming. We are all excited to be partnered with Dairy West,” said Terry Gawlik, director of Athletics at the University of Idaho.

Education includes: team talks on nutrition goal setting, fueling in the off season and nutrient timing, grocery store tours, cooking demonstrations and more. New portable equipment will offer fueling options during training, including local dairy foods. Funding also allows greater collaboration and support from a multi-disciplinary team including dietitians, sports nutritionists, exercise physiologists and athletic trainers.

“Partnering with performance teams to support athletes is exactly the reason dairy farm families are passionate about our sports nutrition programs,” said Jaclyn St. John, Dairy West health and wellness manager and sports nutrition lead and registered dietitian nutritionist. “Dairy foods provide the optimal combination of carbohydrates and protein to maximize performance.”

Dairy West launched the opportunity — its first-ever competitive sports nutrition grant — this summer. Performance teams could apply for up to $30,000 — including up to $25,000 in programmatic funding and up to $5,000 for dairy food — and nine organizations applied.


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