A new sustainable nutrition brand ‘All Real’ has launched in Ireland


All Real has launched its new sustainable nutrition brand in Ireland.

Having spent 6 years developing the perfect healthy and nutritious formula, Ross McDowell and Niall Harty brought Origin Bars to the Irish marketplace.

Now, they are rebranding to All Real to encompass their growing portfolio of delicious real food protein products which are all fully sustainable with certified plastic-free and home-compostable packaging.

All Real’s brand’s mission is to be real in every sense.

All Real sustainable nutrition brand Ireland

The brand wants to create a community who care about the environment and show it in the products they consume and the past times they love.

In support of the wider community, they will raise funds for sustainable charities that support environmental issues such as tree planting and ocean clean-ups through fitness events.

Made from no more than 12 simple ingredients, All Real products take their flavour and texture from only natural foods.

Packed with things like; Irish grass-fed milk protein, slow-roasted California Almonds and dark Belgian chocolate, the taste difference is second to none!

All Real now includes a broader range of products than previously under the Origin umbrella.

The range includes; Vanilla Almond, Choc Sea Sat, Cashew Cookie Dough and Peanut Butter which are retailing at a cheaper price of €2.79.

All Real sustainable nutrition brand Ireland

Speaking about the re-brand Niall Harty, Co-Founder said; “Our mission is clear but impactful, to make the world cleaner.

“We know manufacturing globally causes a huge amount of damage to the environment.

“We want to ensure our products do not contribute to that damage whilst also still providing our customers with the most nutritious and tasty product possible.

“Protein doesn’t have to be processed to taste good”.

All Real sustainable nutrition brand Ireland

Continuing, Ross McDowell, Co-Founder said; “We took inspiration for our flavours from natural ingredients which means that nothing feels synthetic or forced for the sake of a gimmicky flavour.

“The process in which our products are made is designed in a way that means the ingredients keep their essence and we don’t have to add any weird chemicals to keep the product fresh.

“We’re excited to rebrand as All Real, as we feel the name really captures what we’re about and also allows us to broaden our product offering.”

All Real currently offers a delicious range of protein bars and nut butter.

Check out their range www.eatallreal.com where first-time consumers receive discounts and samples.


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