Tessemae’s Announces New Superfood Line of Dressings & Marinades


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Tessemae’s, the flavor-forward, organic food company, is delivering a new lineup of superfood-infused vinaigrettes, specifically designed to focus on both flavor and health. The first of its kind to market, these densely delicious dressings take the power of traditional wellness wisdom combined with inspired flavors from around the globe. Tessemae’s believes you deserve to feel super – and with simple, whole ingredients, the new vinaigrettes pack a flavor-forward punch without adding on unnecessary fillers. It’s yet another example of how Tessemae’s creates flavors that ignite senses by combining innovation with quality ingredients.

“We believe that each meal is an opportunity to boost your nutrition through purpose-driven eating,” says Tessemae’s Chef Kristen Dittami. “Tessemae’s Superfood dressings are the perfect complement to a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. They’re a great way to add that little bit of extra to your meal, to help spark your day and make it that much better for you.”

Announcing the Superfood lineup, carefully crafted with flavors you can’t ignore, and wholesome ingredients you don’t have to:

  • Citrus Turmeric Wellness is a light and fruity dressing bursting with lemon, orange and lime.
  • Mushroom Ginger Immunity is made with umami rich coconut aminos, savory toasted sesame oil, plus a touch of ground ginger and lion’s mane mushroom.
  • Chili Lime Vitality brings a kick of heat from chili peppers, a bright tanginess from fresh lime juice and a touch of sweetness with natural coconut nectar.
  • Chia Balsamic Balance delivers a classic vinaigrette flavor profile made with real balsamic vinegar. It includes added sweetness from coconut nectar, plus a touch of the superfood chia seeds.

These vinaigrettes are also clean-label, organic, non-GMO and made with high oleic sunflower oil, recognized for supporting healthy heart functions – making them a perfect pairing with healthy diet and active lifestyles. Every little thing matters in these dressings, and each ingredient was carefully selected with flavor and health in mind. Simply put – thanks to Tessemae’s premium quality standards, clean manufacturing and whole ingredients, these products are made better to taste better than other “healthy dressings” on the market, so you can feel better overall.

Tessemae’s Superfood is available on Tessemaes.com and Amazon. While supplies last, get a free canvas grocery tote with your purchase of a four-pack of Superfood dressings on Tessemaes.com. For additional inspirational and healthy recipes, and to keep up with the latest product news, follow Tessemae’s on Facebook as well as Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter at @Tessemaes.

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