Be specific with your intentions


Have you ever thought that the reason you’re not reaching your fitness goal is because you can’t focus? It is entirely possible that because there is so much information coming at you from all angles, you find it difficult to be specific with your intentions at all times. If this is the case, here are some quick tips:

Don’t lose focus

You want to lose fat: Focus on that

You want to build muscle: Focus on that

You want to change your lifestyle: Focus on that

Pursuing two or more of these goals simultaneously isn’t ideal and will likely lead to non-optimal fat loss and non-optimal muscle gain. It can be done, but experience, structure and knowing your body is a must in multi-focused goal settings.

This is summed up very well by the ancient proverb: “If you chase two rabbits, you will lose them both.” In other words, focus on what’s most important to you at the given moment, too much to deal with at one time most likely will lead to failure and disappointment

Lose weight 

There are three ways to lose weight by being in a caloric deficit.

In the first scenario, you eat just about anything, but ensure that your calorie intake is lowered. You will find that you will lose weight, but both fat and muscle mass will be lost as well.

In the second scenario, you have a caloric deficit where the focus is more on healthy, whole foods and a higher protein intake. You will find that you lean towards losing more fat than muscle mass.

In the third scenario, you have a caloric deficit, a high protein intake, lots of veggies and you lift weights at the same time. This will lead to predominantly fat being lost.

Option three is what we should aim for. You will gain muscles, burn more calories in a day, eat well, have strength, energy, a great look, a firmer and better-looking physique. You will be healthier and your clothes will fit better. The choice is yours though.

Carbs, carbs, and carbs

Don’t eat carbs, they will make you fat. That’s what some people will tell you and it’s all lies.

Carbs do not make you gain weight, period. Eating too many calories make you gain weight. And yes, it makes sense, you will lose weight if you remove an entire macronutrient from your daily intake. Most of the calories you eat in a day come from carbs, if you remove them, unless you replace the carbs with an equal amount of protein you will lose weight.

There’s no need to remove carbs, they are lovely, make you feel good, they taste awesome and are part of pretty much everything we consume on a regular basis. Balance is key. You can have it all and still lose weight. It’s very straight forward and the only restriction that needs to be implemented in your diet, is the amount of daily calories eaten, period.


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