‘bakery is nutrition labelling battleground’


Renee Boerefijn, BLC director of innovation for Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), said increased use of nutrition labelling schemes was fuelling growing interest in BLC’s fats and oils solutions. He told Food Manufacture ​there had not just been a rising interest in BLC’s reformulation services in confectionery. “This is not restricted to confectionery or chocolate products.

“It also applies very strongly to bakery, which I think is going to be the real battleground for these nutrition labels. There we have a lot of solutions available to improve ​[Nutri-Score] labels to go from E to D to C without sacrificing indulgence, without creating something that is completely dry.

‘Massive burst of activity’

“With the last half-year we have really done a massive burst of activity in the innovation team to look at different iconic products – you can think of sandwich biscuits with a cream layer in between or a filled chocolate bar with a caramel and a wafer and a biscuit layer to see how those products could move to the left through the Nutri-Score to get a better front-of-pack label.

“This is such a key timing, with Italy moving on Nutrinform and Germany moving on Nutri-Score. We have done a lot of work on cookies, for example, where we see that you can really make quite big steps in terms of improving Nutri-Score and also there you run the risk of making a very dry product in the end, so it’s key that you have the right oil and fat solution in there.”

Boerefijn’s comments come after Public Health England published its latest report​ painting a mixed picture regarding the UK food industry’s progress on sugar reduction.


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