Why you should add Greek yogurt to every meal


I recently learned that it’s not necessarily normal in the United States to eat Greek yogurt with basically any meal. Being Turkish, I’m used to putting it on everything. Chicken, rice, lamb, beef, potatoes, eggs, tomatoes — Greek yogurt goes with breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Some people might reserve Greek yogurt for making a parfait or putting in a smoothie, which are delicious and healthy options. But I’ve been thinking about which foods I eat Greek yogurt with, and I can’t find a single meal I wouldn’t slap a blob of it onto.

I recommend you start simple: Make some chicken and potatoes, and try a bite with Greek yogurt. The sensation of the cold yogurt mixed with the warm chicken is unmatchable. If your food is too hot, the yogurt also helps to cool it down, making it easier to eat straight from the oven. You can also put some on pasta, omelets, waffles, quesadillas or any vegetables (this is a good tip for making vegetables taste good).

Another reason why you should eat more Greek yogurt is that it provides crucial nutrients such as potassium, calcium and protein. There are a lot of necessary bacteria that help your gut and digestive system in the yogurt. It’s also very filling — I personally find that it gives me steady energy when I eat some before a workout.

Now, because you’ve made it this far in the article, I know what you’re thinking. OK, I’m totally sold on eating Greek yogurt with every meal every day for the rest of my life. That means we’re at the point where I can safely introduce ways to spice up Greek yogurt. If you want a savory yogurt sauce, my recommendation is to add minced garlic. If you’re feeling like you want a dessert, the best thing to add is orange blossom honey. Top it off with some fruit and granola, and you will be shocked that this tastes better than ice cream (controversial, I know).

I hope that halfway through reading this, you ran to the grocery store to get yourself a gallon of Greek yogurt to try out my recommendations. Not only will this upgrade your taste buds to another dimension, but it will be good for your health as well. Happy eating!

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