How to add more fresh vegetables into your diet


If you’re not wild about salads (or any vegetable really) adding more fresh produce into your diet can be tricky. Unfortunately, even if you don’t love your greens, the science is in about how important they are for good health. The good news is however, that you can easily sneak more fruits and vegetables in your diet without feeling like a rabbit.

Double vegetable amounts

If you’re making a stir fry and it calls for half a cup of vegetables, consider adding two cups instead. If a recipe calls for a chicken broth, try swapping it out with a vegetable broth. Just by doubling recipe vegetables, you can get more in your diet.

Add fruit to your breakfast

If you eat oatmeal or yogurt for breakfast, a topping of fruit goes very well with these and can boost how much fruit you eat. Keep berries on hand to quickly toss over your breakfast or as an easy side.You can also increase fruit intake by simply having it readily available in a fruit bowl for easy snacking. While you may not eat fruit as a snack if it’s out of sight, a fruit bowl makes it easy to get added nutrition.

Try a sneaky dessert

If you love desserts, why not opt for a carrot cake instead of a regular cake, or zucchini bread instead of a coffee cake? By sneaking vegetables into every dish you make, you can boost your overall vegetable count while still enjoying something sweet.

There are lots of easy ways you can boost your vegetable count, and it doesn’t have to involve giving up your favorite snacks and only eating fruits and vegetables. By thinking about your fruit and vegetable intake and actively looking for ways to sneak them in, you can make strides towards a healthier life without sacrificing.

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