Australian Nutritional supplement Brand KARORA Eyes on Indian Fitness market


India is one of the most favored global business markets irrespective of sector or industry. Due to being one of the most populated countries and welcoming economic policies businesses across the sector want to invest and make their presence in the Indian market. The Indian fitness industry is growing with a double- digit rate annually. People at large have become more fitness conscious, and particular about their food intake.  Innumerous health supplements have flooded the market and added into diet to remove nutrition deficiency. Whey proteins are one of the most popular dietary supplements among fitness conscious people. Now Australian Brand KARORA is launching its whey protein for the Indian market.

KARORA whey protein is rich quality nutritional supplement without any chemical preservatives or artificial flavor. The protein has been extracted from the finest quality cow milk from the best dairies of Australia. It comes in a rich cocoa flavor. The cocoa used to make it tastier is also completely natural. It is one of the best variants of whey protein available in the market. It has quickly become the preferred choice of gym trainers and dieticians for their clients.

KARORA whey protein has presently been launched in the Indian capital city Delhi only. The initial response for the product has been great according to company sources. The company is totally satisfied with the way Indian consumers have welcomed their product. They are planning to make it available all across the country through popular the e-commerce network.

With the fitness market flooded with whey proteins from numerous brands and so high competition, the company is confident of making its place as it relies on best quality whey protein from Australia, which is the continent known for best quality dairy products. It also has a USP of being completely chemicals and artificial flavor free.

The product is new to the Indian market but the company is confident about its success. Due to  the Pandemic threat little delay has happened in marketing and distribution but now the process has picked up. The product will be available across various Indian states and cities soon.



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