Personal trainer Ryan Worley opens up about Head Start Nutrition (Includes interview)


Worley has always had a passion for health and fitness. He has served in the capacity of a personal trainer for over five years while working privately and in a commercial gym.

As a kid, Worley always enjoyed sports and he wanted to be the best he could be, so he immersed himself in nutrition and fitness.

“I then became obsessed as well as upset that I was never taught any of these basic nutrition and fitness topics as a child,” he said. That is why I have created Head Start Nutrition. I want to teach youth basic nutrition and fitness and give them the Head Start in nutrition and fitness that most youth don’t get.”

Head Start Nutrition is a physical education class and program that is designed for the youth. It focuses on education, working out, and playing games. Worley is a firm believer that if kids have knowledge about nutrition and fitness at a young age, then that is crucial to living a long and healthy life.

This program has optional homework that is meant to unite the family and create excitement for the kids. “Completed homework assignments will be rewarded with coins that they can spend on various prizes (with parental permission),” he said.

Worley shared that he is teaching kids (ages seven to 12) physical education, nutrition, and proper ways to work out. “I have about 30 different lesson plans which include such topics as ‘why is sugar bad for you,’ ‘how important is water,’ and ‘how does protein affect you,’ to name a few,” he said.

He basically wants to plant fitness seeds for the kids, and he is really passionate about this cause. “I’m very qualified since I have four different certifications. I think it’s going to be awesome since I have some really fun ideas for these lessons,” he explained.

To learn more about Head Start Nutrition, check out its official website.


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