Here are 4 foods that can help control diabetes, this is how you can include in your diet


It is said that the purpose of most diabetes patients is to control blood sugar level. Blood sugar level can be controlled by making some changes in the diet. Diabetes patients should consume Mufid food for illness in their diet.

Leafy vegetables such as spinach and cabbage have fewer carbohydrates. Apart from this, there are good sources of vitamin C like mineral and vitamins. Many research has proved that inflammation can be reduced by increasing foods rich in vitamin C. While the anti-oxidants found in it can protect heart health.

Chia Seeds
They are considered more powerful and rich in fiber. The result of which ultimately results in a decrease in blood sugar level. These seeds can decrease the glycemic index. The glycemic index measurement determines how long the carbohydrate present in a food becomes glucose. Due to the amount of fiber available, these seeds can help in reducing weight while reducing hunger and keeps you feeling full for a long time.

Legumes are one of the cheapest options in the glycemic index. Diabetes patients can include legumes in their diet. They are considered rich in essential vitamins and minerals along with fiber. Legumes prove to be completely nutritious for people with illness.

Due to the poor aroma of garlic, people keep distance from it. As part of nutrition, one grain contains 4 calories and contains vitamin C, B6, plus magnesium and selenium. Many research has shown that making garlic a part of the diet can help reduce inflammation, bad cholesterol (LDL cholesterol) and blood sugar levels.

Walnuts are excellent in fiber and low in carbohydrates. Research has claimed that if patients of diabetes consume walnuts regularly, they can reduce not only blood sugar levels but also bad cholesterol.

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