What A Nutritionist Eats For Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Each Day


Before eating anything, I’ll start my day with a glass of water and a slice of lemon. My go-to morning mug usually contains matcha instead of coffee. Only on certain occasions, when I feel low-energy or am traveling, will I opt for a coffee—and if I do, it’s almost always a cappuccino with plant-based milk. 

I always tell my patients to eat every color in the rainbow, but let’s be honest, there’s not always time in the morning to curate an Instagram-worthy breakfast. Ideally, I’d eat a fried or soft-boiled egg with some kind of sautéed green, salad, or tomato, and avocado sourdough toast. Now, I say ideally because, yes I’m a nutritionist, but I’m also a New Yorker (read: I’m busy). 

Especially on days where I’m meeting with patients, I don’t always have time to spend chopping, prepping, or cooking a morning meal. Instead, I’ll make a smoothie with all my favorite items, including: 


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