National nutrition month observed at Dayanand Medical College Ludhiana : The Tribune India


Ludhiana, September 19

To highlight the importance of healthy diet, the DMCH today launch a video clip pertaining to balanced diet for healthcare workers to mark the National Nutrition Month.

Prem Kumar Gupta, secretary, DMCH Managing Society, lauded the efforts of the Department of Dietetics.

Dr Sandeep Puri, principal, DMCH, said due to the pandemic, healthcare workers get less time to eat and drink. Hence, it is important for them to focus on their health and nutritional need.

Dr Shweta Batta, in-charge, Department of Dietetics, said health workers should take care of their overall physical and mental health. A video talk emphasising the need for balanced diet, multi vitamins, supplements, especially Zinc and vitamin c, fluid intake, was launched.


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