Will be protected from the corona virus. Eat this fruit by December – pineapples can be helpful in protecting yourself from coronavirus infection – Kewaskum Statesman News Journal


The infection with the corona virus is increasing rapidly in our country. New numbers that appear every day after an infection are no longer scary but cause panic. In such a situation, we all need to pay more attention to our diet. So that this virus does not dominate our body …

Eat this fruit through December
– As in winter, fruits like orange, molasses, tangerine and grapefruit were protected from viral infections by vitamin C. Now pineapple can do that job for us. Find out here how to eat pineapple properly and what are the benefits …

Pineapple nutrition
Pineapple or pineapple cannot be eaten right away as it takes a slice or two to make it feel full. It is like introducing a new energy into the body.

Increase blood flow in the body

– Because pineapple contains a significant amount of vitamin C in addition to fiber and calories. The taste of pineapple calms our mind and gives a feeling of bliss. After eating pineapple, we feel relaxed.

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Useful in these diseases
It may surprise you to know, but various studies have found that pineapple prevents more than 10 diseases from growing in our bodies. If a person is already in the grip of these diseases, the use of pineapple can cure them quickly.

These are the 10 diseases
The bromalene enzyme is found in both the pineapple tree and its fruits. However, this enzyme is available in his tree in greater abundance than pineapple. Health experts say that bromelain enzyme is helpful in digesting proteins in our bodies.

Pineapple reduces the risk of arthritis and joint pain

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– Using pineapple helps control bone pain, bronchitis, sinuses, arthritis, diarrhea, muscle inflammation, eye problems, gout, reduce the risk of cancer, and increase cancer cells.

Pineapple is also especially beneficial for those who have had some type of surgery. Because it helps heal the body’s wounds quickly. Those who do intense yoga exercises to lose weight should also consume pineapple. Because it works to repair damaged cells.

You can also eat them daily, it prevents the tiredness of the eyes and the heaviness of the head. These fruits and leaves


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