National Nutrition Week 2020: Most Basic Nutrition Facts We All Must Know About Healthy Diet And Food Intake


India marks National Nutrition Week annually on the first week of September (from September 1 to September 7). It was launched by the Ministry of Women and Child Development’s Food and Nutrition Board in 1982 with an objective to raise awareness on the importance of nutrition for the human body. A balanced diet is a combination of all nutrients that played an important role in the growth and development of our mind and body. As we observe National Nutrition Week 2020, we bring to you some interesting facts about basic nutrition that we all must know. National Nutrition Week 2020: Health Experts Shed Light on Nutrient Deficiencies in Women, Kids.

For the smoothing functioning of our internal organs and good metabolism, following a good diet is important. Hence dieticians and health experts around the world tell people to have a diet which is a mixture of both raw and cooked food. Other things that should be consumed are nuts, raisins meat, fish depending on if you are a vegetarian or not. Here are important facts about nutrition that a body requires including some myth busters. National Nutrition Week 2020 Date & Significance: Importance, Benefits and Celebrations of This Annual Observance From September 1–7.

Reduce Added Sugar

Excess added sugar can be harmful to health, especially in the form of fruit juices. Sugar-sweetened beverages are the most fattening and increase the risk of various diseases.

Low Fat Is Not Healthy

The low-fat diet that a lot of people believe in, is not actually a good one. Foods that are naturally low-fat include fruits and vegetables, but processed foods labelled “low-fat” contain unhealthy ingredients. Foods That Lower Blood Sugar: From Broccoli to Okra, Here Are Five Foods to Keep Blood Glucose Level in Normal Range.

Omega-3 Fats Are Important

Omega-3 fatty acids are important for the proper functioning of the human body and something that people don’t get enough. A low intake of omega-3 is associated with a lower IQ, depression, mental disorders and even heart disease.

Increase Intake of Vegetables

Eating raw fruits and vegetables are a crucial part of a healthy diet. It includes vitamins, minerals, fibre and antioxidants. Vegetables are said to improve health and lower risks of various diseases.

There is Nothing Called Perfect Diet

Everybody is wired differently and has a different set of needs. While some of the basic principles are the same, there is nothing that counts are the perfect diet for everyone. One has to understand the need of their body and makes changes accordingly. Which is Worse for Weight Loss: Fat or Sugar? All Your Queries Answered!

Get a Good Dose of Vitamin D

Vitamin D is important for the human body something that a lot ar having a deficiency in. To ensure you don’t lack the major hormone in your body, try getting some sun.

A healthy body will promise you a better life post-retirement. This National Nutrition Week, let’s pledge to follow a healthy and nutritious diet!

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